Thursday, June 1, 2000

What are Seen Its?

What are Seen Its? - Seen Its are simply movie posts. The title "Seen It" is given to any movie that
has been seen, posted, and filed in the movie database.
Seen It - Example Post:

What are Seen It Lists? - Seen it lists are - drop down menus found in the left sidebar that allow you to jump to any movie in the database.
Seen It Lists - Example Post:

What is the Seen It Movie Vault? - The Seen It Movie Vault is my personal database of seen it/movie posts, organized and arranged by decade, categorized by year. Every movie that I watch can be found here.
The Seen It Movie Vault - Example Post:

What are Wish Lists? - I plan to create detailed horror movie lists for each decade, consisting of all the best/classic/popular/must see horror movies of that particular era. These lists will be referred to as my wish lists. I hope to one day be able to say that I've seen every movie on the wish lists.
Wish List - Example Post:
The Mothman