Thursday, June 1, 2000



1. Is this blog your only blog? - I am currently the author of two blogs. Diary of a Horror Fan and Too Scary To Watch.

Too Scary to Watch Blog:
Diary of a Horror Fan:

2. How often do you post movie reviews? - I plan to try and post at least one a day. If I miss a day or two, I'll compensate for it later in the week.I don't really consider the posts movie reviews, seeing as I'll only be commenting briefly on each movie.

3. Will you only be discussing horror movies? -Well, since it's a blog dedicated to scary movies (hence the title), I will be primarily be discussing horror movies. I will also discuss some of the action movies that seem to contain elements of horror.

5. What's the best way to contact you, should I have a question, or run into any problems? - You can contact me via the contact page, which can be found on the home page, or do so using the link below. 

Contact Us: 

6. What is the goal of this blog? - For more information about this blog (including its objective), please read The Mission post.

The Mission:

7. What are Seen Its? - Seen Its are simply movie posts. The title "Seen It" is given to any movie that
has been seen, posted, and filed in the movie database.

Seen It - Example Post:

8. What is the Seen It Movie Vault? - The Seen It Movie Vault is my personal database of horror movies that I've seen. I've separated them into decades and have categorized them by year. Every movie that I watch and log can be found here. 

The Seen It Movie Vault - Example Post:

9. What is the Seen It Archive? - The Seen It archive is just another name for blog archive, which allows you to see, or jump to a "seen it" post chronologically. The seen it archive will allow you to browse the seen it movie library by year, or month.

The Seen It Movie Vault - Example Post:

10. What are Wish Lists? - I plan to compile a horror movie lists for each decade, consisting of all the best/classic/popular/must see horror movies of that particular era. These lists will be referred to as my wish lists. I hope to one day be able to say that I've seen every movie on the wish lists.

Wish List - Example Post:
The Mothman

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