The mission, or goal of this blog is simple ... Watch as many scary movies as possible, while keeping a well documented, detailed record of everything I see. Included also, will be synopsis', movie ratings and movie reviews, for the convenience of those interested in coming along for the ride.

Over the years, I've watched a ton of horror movies (way too many to remember), but the objective here is to built a horror movie database (which I'll refer to as my "seen it" horror movie vault) from ground zero, counting only the movies that have been watched and reviewed on, or after April 1, 2011 (coinciding with the day I started this blog). 


1. Document, and keep a detailed record of every horror movie I see, while also creating an extensive horror movie vault ... one that will serve as my personal movie journal, and can be referred back to at anytime.

2. Watch as many horror movies as humanly possibly (seeing all of the good/staple/popular/classic horror movies from each decade).

3. Watch horror movies daily (or whenever possible), in attempts to fully reach the goal.

4. Create extensive lists, consisting of all of the best/popular horror movies from each decade. (which we'll refer to as wish lists - movies I wanna see).

5. Discuss, review and rate each movie.

- My wife says, I betcha can't see them all!
- I say, I betcha I'll give it my best shot!

The Mothman