Thursday, June 1, 2000

Navigating This Blog

Navigating This Blog:

The "Diary of a Horror Fan" movie database can be navigated in a variety of different ways.
1. The SEEN IT List: - A drop down menu found in the left sidebar that allows you to jump to any movie in the database.

2. The SEEN IT Browser: - A drop down menu found in the left sidebar that allows you to browse the movie library based on specific interests, i.e movie rating, year, the source in which I saw the movie ... etc.

3. SEEN IT Movie Vault: - Also found in the left sidebar, allows you to jump to any decade. If you, for instance, want to quickly view a list of all of the movies that I've seen from the 80's, you should use this particular browsing method.

4. SEEN IT ARCHIVE: - Allows you to browse the movies I've watched, in the chronological order in which they were seen. (by month or year).

5. SEEN ITS This Month: - Allows you to view, in chronological order, all movies seen this month.

6. Wish Lists: - Every decade will have a complete list of all the movies I hope to see from that era. The list is also color coded for your convenience, and will also be added to.

7. Most recent SEEN IT post: - allows you to jump to the most recent movie post. (The Welcome Page will also always include a link to the most recent seen it movie post)

In the blogs sidebar menu, you'll also find:

FAQ (frequently ask Questions)
What are Seen Its?
The Mothman

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